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Diet Against Disease

Work Description

Diet Against Disease (DAD) is a educational documentary series produced by the great producer Jonathan Otto in collaboration with the famous Dr. Mercola. This client in an ironic twist came to us after TWO separate clients of ours, with no connection to each other suggested he reaches out to us for the work he needed done.

We ended up doing a lot of design and branding work for them for the DAD series and also for some other projects of Mr. Otto.

You can browse the sample visuals below to get an idea of the types of mockups and approved designs we produced for them.

The credit goes to our awesome designers, they are really world-class and we are blessed to have them on our team.

We would love to design your project also! Get in touch for your design needs.

Client Details

Client Jonathan Otto & Dr. Mercola’s Diet Against Disease
Date 2017
Skills Branding, Web Design, logo design, cover designs, graphic design, web support




Sample Visuals

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